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Make cleanliness in your strata property

No Time For Grime's strata property cleaning and maintenance ensures a consistent great experience every time!


Strata Commercial Cleaning Service

Cleaning a strata property can be a great experience for the first time but what separates NTFG's service is consistency. We make sure that our quality and high cleaning standards are maintained for every service. We only use local cleaners here to put your mind at ease and ensure that we never fail to fulfill our promise!

Satisfaction for residents/tenants and building managers!

We are very flexible and easy to talk to when it comes to schedules. We also have a dedicated night team. We can accomodate any schedule you prefer so we can clean without interrupting operation or disturbing residents.

No Time For Grime's strata cleaning is always on time and excellent every time.

Our Strata Cleaning Checklist:

  • Vacuuming of common area floor coverings
  • Mopping of common area hard floor surfaces
  • Clean all windows, window frames, sills, ledges
  • Clean all electrical sockets and switches
  • Spot clean walls and ceilings
  • Fire stair cleaning
  • Clean and sanitize all banister surfaces
  • Dust removed from all surfaces
  • Clean common area furniture if present
  • Wheelie bin cleaning
  • Bin placement for council collection

Make your property consistently clean all the time.


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