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We take great pride in our work with pre-qualified, experienced cleaners for all sized jobs.

Office and Commercial Cleaning

Your commercial space should be a pleasant place to work. From the computer keyboards to the toilets, we take nothing for granted.

A clean environment is a contributory factor to high productivity in the workplace and that is why we work with our customers to achieve the cleanest work area for its employees.

When you select us to clean your commercial space, we sit with you to draw up a service level agreement (also called an SLA). This SLA will enable us to fulfil your expectations and immediately address any shortfalls.

A clean work environment demonstrates professionalism to both employees and clientele. By hiring our experienced staff, your commercial space will be continually maintained. From top to bottom, washrooms will be sanitised, floors and walls scrubbed and office equipment carefully cleaned and sterilised.

Flexible cleaning programs are available that provide a thorough and comprehensive cleaning of every aspect of the area. Daily, weekly and monthly maintenance schedules allow our staff to maintain rooms by replacing supplies, sterilising equipment and performing heavier tasks at regular intervals.

Our work is guaranteed to meet the highest standards and we insist on honesty and reliability with each service contract.

Our employees are trained in proper hygiene methods. Each worker takes considerable care when handling computer equipment or other electronics to ensure that the proper cleaning materials are used.

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal and is achieved by regulating and reviewing every service contract. We perform periodic checks at each location to ensure that our quality standards are met.

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