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Get your building ready for business

No Time For Grime's builder clean service delivers an experience that makes the builders proud of their work and property owners excited for prospective business.


Construction Cleaning

We are experienced in working with builders even with a schedule running behind. NTFG is well-trained and is used to working as quickly as possible while taking particular care around delicate architecture or woodwork.

Site cleaning is the best with NTFG

When the building progress is on the final stretch and the deadline is drawing closer, there is no time for mistakes and for grime. We can have the site cleaned on time for viewing.

Our builders cleaning services include the following and much more:

  • We remove all labels from mirrors, windows and cabinets
  • Windows inside/outside, frames and sills, remove any paint, and plaster.
  • Wipe all skirting and wash the doors.
  • Wipe the tops of the doors, moldings, and trim throughout.
  • Cupboards inside and out.
  • Clean and polish all wood finishes
  • Tiled surfaces - remove excess grout and glue.
  • Showers, tubs, basins, and toilets inside and out.
  • Polish stainless steel and porcelain surfaces
  • Clean windows and mirrors with our special cleaning solution and squeegee
  • Vacuum out all heating/cooling ducts
  • Vacuum all carpet areas, along with wall edges and skirting boards.
  • Micro-dust all horizontal surfaces.
  • Gently wipe light fixtures.
  • Clean all thresholds, damp-mop hard floors.
  • Pressure cleaning of concrete floors and driveways

Make the finished building the best it's supposed to look.

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